Center powers up even without electricity

Many places around Arkansas continue to help people that still don't have power to stay warm on these cold nights.

One place in particular may not have a luxurious spot, but they're trying to flip the switch for many still in the cold.

With much of the snow and ice starting to melt around us, the numbers of electric outages are dwindling down too. However, many Little Rock residents still don't have a source of heat nor power.

Members of the Frazier family said a few last 'goodbyes' and 'thank-you's' before leaving the Dunbar Community Center, a place they've called home for the last few days.

"The first day in the house, the gas was still on. It was still a little warm, but we knew that, that couldn't take over the whole house," said Demarco Frazier from North Little Rock.

"We knew we had to do something fast before they catch pneumonia or something like that."

Sunday brought a welcomed change with returned power to their home.

"It's a relief," Frazier added.

Meanwhile, even without any electricity, the Little Rock Compassion Center continues to open its doors, feeding nearly 5,000 people since Christmas Day.

"I see no other option. If we can't handle this little crisis what are we going to do when a big one comes?" said Pastor William Holloway, CEO of the center.

Through portable heaters and a generator the center focused on keeping a large room warm for people that came by. Its food numbers are beginning to get low while feeding double the people it normally has. To make matters worse, much of its food will have to be thrown away.

"I think we're at least going to lose half of it. We're probably going to throw away about two weeks worth of food, because its just gotten thawed out and its just no good," Holloway added.

The center is primarily focused toward the homeless in Little Rock, but Pastor Holloway said many people from nearby neighborhoods have been coming by, causing this larger than normal number.

The compassion center needs additional blankets and clothing along with food..