Central Arkansas Road Conditions

By Michelle Rupp

Little Rock - Here in Central Arkansas the flakes started flying around 7 o'clock this morning. What is left is a blanket of a half foot across Little Rock.

Roads tonight are dangerous Interstate 30, 630 completely packed with snow. You can't see any highway markings on the roads. Streets around little rock aren't any better.

Once the snow started falling it came down with a vengeance. Thick fluffy flakes sticking to everything. Even driving up small inclines proved to be too much of a challenge for many. This is what John Barrow Road looked like in West Little Rock around noon. Instead of lunch traffic, it was deserted.

Lieutenant Terry Hastings saying, "We have a layer of ice under neath the snow and it's really caused some problems on the interstate and those that venture out don't get very far."

The snow didn't hamper those wanting to get around. Meantime the highway department doing it's best to stay on top of the storm. Loading truck after truck with sand in an effort to improve road conditions. Little Rock Police not technically closing streets saying all of them are too bad to travel on.

"We've not had a whole lot of wrecks just a few inside the city. Most people are staying home roads are very slick and we encourage people to stay in today, it's probably going to be this way in the morning."

Little Rock Police reminding drivers if you leave your car abandoned along city streets they will tow it away.