Central Arkansas Water files intent to sue ExxonMobil

LITTLE ROCK (KATV)-{}Central Arkansas Water turns the heat up on ExxonMobil threatening legal action if they continue to withhold critical information about the Pegasus Pipeline.

It's been nearly six months since Exxon's Pegasus pipeline burst sending thousands of gallons of heavy crude oil onto the streets and lawns of a Mayflower subdivision. For Central Arkansas Water that half-year mark is also how long they've been battling with the oil giant to release information about their 65-year-old pipeline.

"It's been six months and we still are no closer to having that information than we feel like we were in early April," said John Tyson, Watershed Protection Manager for CAW.

John Tynon says he's been trying to get his hands on information regarding the pipeline which runs through the drainage{}for Lake Maumelle.

"The concern is that a situation similar to what happened in Mayflower with a rupture, hundreds of thousands of gallons of oil could spill into the lake," he said.

Exxon's refuses to release this information saying it's private.

"Central Arkansas Water has been diligently working with them to try and address their concerns," he said.

Tyson says unsuccessful attempts to get Exxon to release this information is forcing the water company to file a notice of intent to file a lawsuit. That means that if Exxon doesn't cooperate within sixty days they have the legal right to sue. But Tyson says a lawsuit could be avoided if Exxon gives up the information.

"If we are able to do that then legal action may not be needed," said Tyson.

We reached out to Exxon for a statement and were not able to get a hold of anyone.