Central Arkansas Water wants Pegasus Pipeline moved

LITTLE ROCK (KATV) - Central Arkansas Water passed a resolution Thursday asking ExxonMobil for several things, including to re-route the Pegasus Pipeline around the Lake Maumelle Watershed.

The resolution formally requests the company and US Department of Transportation to take immediate action to make sure the pipeline is safe before starting to use it again, implement risk reduction measures including improved valves, and to begin work on a long-term plan that would move the pipeline away from the Watershed.

Thirteen and a half miles of the pipeline runs underground near the Watershed in the area that drains to the lake, though none of it is directly under the Watershed.

Central Arkansas Water does not have any regulatory authority over ExxonMobil to be able to force them to do any of these things, but members of the Board felt it necessary for public health and safety to make the request.

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