Child care costing more than rent in some states

(CNN) - While the experience of raising a child may be priceless, the cost to provide care for them is getting unaffordable. A report from Child Care Aware of America finds the annual cost of infant care increased roughly two-percent last year and ranged from more than $4,500 in Mississippi to $15,000 in Massachusetts.

The cost of providing care for a four-year-old increased by more than four-percent and ranged between $3,900 a year in Mississippi to close to $12,000 a year in Massachusetts.{}{}

Child Care Aware says in almost half of all states, center-based care for one child cost more than annual median rent payments. And costs exceeded rent payments in all 50 states when parents had to pay for two children.

The report says in 35 states, infant care was more expensive each year than in-state tuition and fees a four-year public college.