Illinois teen runaway found with adult male in Russellville

RUSSELLVILLE (KATV) - A 15 year old girl is back home in asuburb of Chicago after running away with a 25 year old man from Russellville.

Police say they became Facebookfriends and made plans to meet. Jairo Hernandez, 25, drove 10 and a half hours and picked the girl up near her home. Family reported her missing on Saturday, August17.

Friday, investigators gathered moreevidence from the rental home of Jairo Hernandez on South Hastings Street.

The National Center for Missing and ExploitedChildren got involved and the Cicero Police from Illinois were able to trackthe girl's cell phone to the neighborhood. Russellville officer, Drew Latchsays, "At the time it was a broad ping and the search wasn't successful. It laterhad a more specific ping."

That's when they started getting tipsfrom neighbors. "When we were showing the photograph around, someonepointed out the house where they have seen the girl. So we approached, knocked onthe door and it was actually her who answered the door."

Hernandez was also in the home. He hasbeen arrested, charged with a felony, sexual assault in the fourth degree. Heis in jail; bond has been set at $150,000.

Officer Latch says that depending onthe outcome of the investigation, he could face more charges, "We are going totake every avenue - any charge that is possible, we will definitely go downthat route."

Officer Latch warns parents to settheir kids privacy settings and check their account often because you need toknow who they are communicating with. "The key is to just get involvedbecause kids don't know who they are talking to online."

Russellville police are seeking tipsto determine if Hernandez has done anything like this before. Police are checking to see if Hernandez has a criminal history.