Child Suffers Multiple Bites at Day Care

By: Jason Pederson

Little Rock

A mother is scrambling to find a new child care facility for her kids after her baby girl's nightmarish second day at Teeny Tiny Tots daycare in Little Rock.

When Jeanette Mojica got a call at work telling her that her daughter was in an accident at day carethat she had been bitten by another childshe wasn't overly alarmed.

"Accidents do happen," says Jeanette. "I've been working in day care since 1992. And I've seen one or two bites. But never something like this."

Jeanette was horrified to see bite marks on little Kailiani's forehead, two on her left cheek and many up and down her left arm18 bites in all.

"She said that she had left the baby on the floor playing with some blocks and a child bit her," explains Jeanetterecalling a conversation with Teeny Tiny Tot's owner. "She said I walked away, and I heard her cryingbut I assumed she was crying because I walked away. And when I came back she was bitten."

Who bit her daughter? Was it one child or more than one? Is the child or children still enrolled at teeny tiny tots? We hoped to get answers to these and other questions but no one inside answered the door and facility director Crystal Martin was unavailable.

Jeanette's biggest questionwhere were the adults when Kailiani was being bitten?

"She must have not been watching for a good 10 to 30 minutes," surmises Jeanette. "Because there was enough time for the child to bite twice in the back, switch from the back to the forehead, from the forehead to the back of the neckthere was another bitedown the armit was straight in a row down the arm."

DHS is investigating this incident.

To view Teeny Tiny Tots recent state inspection reports, click here.

Air date: September 1st, 2010