Chocolate milk: The alternative to expensive workout recovery drinks

You want to make the most of your workout, but are those protein smoothies and muscle building drinks worth the money and the calories?

Fitness guru at Chenal Health & Fitness Jeff Lawrence believes most people can skip it.

"You just need plain tap water or bottled water. If you were a sports athlete, an Olympic athlete, a marathon runner - you would need a recovery drink," said Lawrence. "Only a few people who need them. Most people are trying to lose weight or maintain weight so you don't want to add additional calories so for most everyone, water would be the choice."

Steve Sullivan's recovery drink of choice for the average gym goer: chocolate milk.

"Chocolate milk is kind of the rage," said Lawrence. "It's got protein and carbs. A good amount of sugar to replace your glycogen."

An Indiana University study published in the International Journal of Sports Nutrition and Metabolism supports Sully's alternative recovery drink option. Researchers found chocolate milk has the added benefit of including nutrients and vitamins that are not present in commercial sports drinks.