Christmas Eve baby born after father's tragic death

STUTTGART (KATV) - Hazen High School Senior Joshua Tripp, 17, was tragically killed three months ago in a vehicle accident, but Tuesday his baby Jordan Elijah was born, giving his family a Christmas Eve gift to treasure.

Tripp was in love with his high school sweetheart, Sundraleana Anderson, 16, who was pregnant with his child. They planned to finish high school, get married and go to ASU.

"You know I feel for Sundraleana because she's going to have to be both the mother and the father, but I can see how strong she is," said Tripp's father Jimmy Tripp.

Sundraleana's mother says she hopes the birth of her daughter's son will help her to heal from the pain of Josh's death.

"I think she's going to look for him a lot in her baby. She wants him to have his eyes, that's important to her," said Sundae Hood.

The family says they are happy to see Josh live on through his son.

"Jordan is the best gift God could have given us. It's a true blessing," said Jacob Tripp, Josh's brother.