Christmas Karaoke to benefit The Van

(KATV) Little Rock - Aaron Reddin once had a drug addiction and lived in his car but he says everything changed when he walked into a church. He has worked at the Union Rescue Mission and St. Francis House, focused on devoting his life to help others. Reddin is the founder of The One, Inc a non-profit that meets the needs of the growing homeless population. He also started The Van, a mobile unit to locate people in need 24 hours a day. Both are run on donations.

He is trusted by people who live in camps in the woods, under brides and alleys. Reddin brings hope to them, but he also gives them donated toiletries, food, clothes and blankets. To Reddin they are not homeless, they are people with names and they are friends. But sometimes by the end of the day, the van is empty and there are still people in need.

The Van is multi-colored and there are now several vans. Everyone who volunteers, signs the outside of the vans.

One of Reddin's friends has given him space in a warehouse to store donations. Behind the warehouses on Faulkner Lake Road in North Little Rock, two acre of land has been turned into "the field". The idea is simple, plant it, water it, watch it grow and then give it away to anyone in need.

Event: This month, The Van has been given the opportunity to match $2,500 from Modern Woodmen. To match the grant, they're raising money through the Christmas Karaoke the Van event. It is Saturday, December 15 at 6:30 p.m located at the U.S. Pizza (5524 Kavanaugh Blvd) in Little Rock. Tickets are $30 per or $50 for couples. They are available at Sweet Love and Bob's Pawn Shop. Along with a night of Karaoke, pizza is includes, door prizes and there will be a silent auction.

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