Church Chair-ity


Last week we told you about a Sheridan pastor who says he got ripped off on Craigslist.

He was trying to buy chairs to replace the pews in his church. He lost $2,000.00...but kept the faith.

After sending off money for chairs he found online, Pastor Kevin Cowan feared almost immediately that he had screwed up. This Sunday when his congregation gathers evidence of God's grace will be right beneath every member.

When Pastor Cowan called us last week, he was discouraged.

And embarrassed.

He really just wanted to get the word out so others wouldn't fall for the same Craigslist scam that had snared him.

"Honestly...the Lord never ceases to amaze us but I don't know why we're surprised," says Pastor Cowan. "But it really shocked me. I about swept me off my feet."

While we were all in a position to pray or take pity, one Saline County church was perfectly positioned to help.

"We recently remodeled our worship center as well and so we removed our pews," says Stewart Kirkland, associate pastor of First Southern Baptist Church of Bryant. "To get a price break we had to order a lot of extra chairs. So we were kind of looking around for something to do with some chairs anyway."

Members of Well of Grace Church will spend Palm Sunday this week and Easter Sunday next week sitting in 113 new chairs...donated by First Southern Baptist Church of Bryant.

"They acted like I was doing them a favor," recalls Pastor Cowan. "And I just didn't see it as that."

"If we can bless somebody with something...whether it's chairs or whether it's food or whether it's just love and help and support...that's just what we want to do," says Pastor Stewart. "So that's all we're trying to do. It's a wonderful thing when two things can come together. But it's even more wonderful when you're doing something that God calls you to do."

Another church...Powerhouse Ministries in Bee Branch...was also duped.

That church lost $1,200.00 and ended up spending more money to buy new chairs.

Air date: April 11th, 2014