Leaking Church Roof

Three months after paying for a new roof, members of a North Little Rock church say it leaked.

It has now been more than a year and patience has run out.

That's why Seven-On-Your-Side is now involved.

Right now it may be a case of the more rain the better. And here is why.

If you take a look at several spots inside New Calvary Church in North Little Rock it is obvious that there is more than blessings coming from above.

Leaks are damaging the ceiling and stressing out a congregation that 16 months ago paid nearly $20,000 for a new roof over the sanctuary.

The roofer told us the job he did isn't the problem.

Members of the church say it is obviously the problem.

So we asked an independent third party to take a look and give us his opinion.

"It's plain and's the roof," says Rodney Goshien with R & R Roofing.

"Now the whole job is not bad. But there are problems."

"That's right," agrees Goshien. "There are problems. The whole roof is not bad. But it does have problems."

Goshien points out that metal flashing is needed at the base of the sanctuary's steep incline.

He says some of the vents weren't roofed exactly right.

And Goshien says a ridge was put underneath metal when it should have been put over the metal.

In another spot the shingles weren't finished out.

"He should come out and do the right thing," says Goshien. "I mean it may cost him $500. Come out here, get the material, fix it right and you know...just solve the problem. Any time you've got a know a lot of people have problems. Just go back and correct the problems."

Unbeknownst to church members, a roofing crew did return on Tuesday and did some...maybe all...of these repairs. The only way to know if the roof is good will be to go inside during the next hard rain and see what happens.

The roofer is working to fix the outside problems and will hopefully take care of inside damage as well.

We're giving him that chance...that is least for now...we're not naming him.

Air date: May 10th, 2013