Citizens Plan Downtown Bryant

Bryant (KATV)-Through a grant from Metroplan Jumpstart, the city of Bryant is looking to develop a downtown area that would create spaces for businesses to develop the area for shops and restaurants in walking distance.

On Monday, the Gateway planning team held a meeting to get the input from citizens.

"I challenged this audience behind me to dream as big for Bryant as they ever have before," said Mayor Jill Dabbs.

There was a large turnout of citizens who were asked to look at a map of Bryant and pin point places they liked and areas they wanted changed.

"We're looking at what we call the jumpstart area for the old city of Bryant and we're asking the community to come forth and actually give us ideas of how they would like to see old Bryant reinvigorated and what they would like to see developed here," said Richard Magee of Metroplan.

The team will take the input of the citizens and present sketches to the city on Wednesday.