Hawker Beechcraft employees attend job fair

Hundreds of employees at Hawker Beechcraft will be losing their jobs soon. Thursday, the Little Rock Airport Commission teamed up with the Little Rock Chamber of Commerce to host a job fair. Fifteen different industries were represented at the job fair. Kevin Walls, shift supervisor for Hawker Beechcraft, was at the job fair.

"We were all in shocked when we closed. But there's optimism," Walls told KATV. "We're optimistic something will come back for aviation." Walls said the location is a good facility with lots of potential. He is still hoping someone will buy the place and take over the business.

"The airport's number one goal is to make a positive impact here in the state," said Shane Carter of the Airport Commission. "We're trying to do anything we can to help them, (Hawker Beechcraft employees) but also in other areas. We're trying to bring new jobs to the area and that's one of our man focuses."

Carter says the job fair will give those employees a chance to look around at other opportunities before they are out of work.

Thursday's event was the second time the Chamber of Commerce and Airport Commission have partnered to host a job fair. Carter says they're hoping to host more in the coming weeks and months.