City of Little Rock Clearing Downed Trees

(KATV) Little Rock - The heavy snow and ice has weighed trees down for days, causinglarge trees and limbs to fall. With freezing rain on the way, debris could getworse. Trees are causing detours and those partially or completely on a city street, cityworkers will pick them up. Crews are moving quickly, but there is a long andgrowing list.

Carrie Lamb says, "Christmas night, I heard a bunch ofsnapping." Lamb lives in the heights, trees as tall as the home snappedacross her yard, and caused road blocks.

She points, "And this nice bush over here is on top of thecar."

Lamb has not lost power, but the way the trees are leaning, she isconcerned she will join the list of tens of thousands without power. Her feardoesn't stop there, "And maybe a big tree falling on top of my house."

However, on this day her home is on a different list, that to gettrees picked up that have fallen, partially or completely on city streets.

Operations Manager for Public Works, Eric Petty says, as quicklyas they move the debris, more locations are called in.

Petty says there isn't a Ward in Little Rock worse than another, "Reallythe entire city. Trees are down across the whole city." He continues, "Atthis point we're cutting the trees up, laying them to the side of the road, weget them out of the street and we will come back and pick up the debris at alater date." The process allows crews to move faster than having to haulthem off now.

Petty expects his crews to be out through in the city for days tocome.

Lamb smiles, "I was excited to see them out here cutting the treetoday. I'm very thankful they got the tree out of the way."

Crews don't touch a tree until they verify through Entergy that it'ssafe and there are no live wires.{}They're doing 12 hour shift.

Pettyadds, "On the night shift, those crews are doing theplowing of the snow and trying to get the snow off the street and barricadinganything that's unsafe. The day shift is a lot larger, it's probably 70 peopleand they haul our material around. The take salt to the satellite yards andthey also have crews that go around and cut trees out of the streets."


You can call the Cityof Little Rock by dialing 3-1-1 or call the Public Works dispatch line at (501)918-3641.

If you don't live inLittle Rock, call your City Hall office and ask for the Streets or Public WorksDepartment.