City of Little Rock prepares heat relief centers

LITTLE ROCK - The City of Little Rock is activating its annual heat relief program for employees, citizens and the homeless.

City employees who work outside will be given different work schedules on days when temperatures get dangerously high, allowing them to come in early and leave early. Also, anytime the heat index reaches 105 degrees, outdoor employees will be allowed to come into city facilities.

Public cooling centers will also open for any member of the public who needs to cool off between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Below is a full list of available centers:

The Alert Centeraddresses are as follows:

  • East of Broadway Alert Center- 500 East 21st St.
  • West Baseline Alert Center - 9209 Mann Rd.
  • South End Alert Center - 1100 West 33rd
  • Willie Hinton Neighborhood Resource Center - 3805 W. 12th St.
  • Valley Drive Alert Center - 5621 Valley Dr.
  • West Central Alert Center - 4200 John Barrow Road
  • Upper Baseline Alert Center - 3623 Baseline Rd.
  • Wakefield Alert Center - 7414 Doyle Springs Rd.
  • Central High Alert Center - 1108 S. Park St.
  • CapitolView/Stifft Station Alert Center - 2715 W. 7th St.

Little Rock's Community Centers locations:

  • Dunbar Community Center - 1001 w. 16th St.
  • East Little Rock Community Center - 2500 E. 6th St.
  • Southwest Community Center - 6401 Baseline Rd.
  • Stephens Community Center - 3720 W. 18th St.

TheCommunity Centers are also staffed and will have signage that will directresidents to the rooms they may room for cooling off purposes. Other spaces arein use for the Summer Playground and Senior Programs.

Thisyear the City is also operating the Jericho Way Homeless Day Resource Center. Opened May22, the Center services around 75 to 100 people each day. Two vans are used tohelp transport them to the facility where breakfast and lunch areprovided. Clients can take showers as well as meet with case workers.These case workers help them look for housing, jobs, identification and medicalappointments. The JWHDR also gives these individuals a place to seek relieffrom the heat.

Also,the City of Little Rock is participating in the6th year of collaboration with the Salvation Army to provide a Cooling Center at 111 W. Markham St. from 1:00 - 4:00 p.m.every day when the heat index reaches 100 degrees.