City of Little Rock shutting down apartment complex for violations

(KATV)-Residents in the Willow Creek Apartments on Geyer Springs Road were told on Friday they have one week to vacate because the city of Little Rock is shutting the complex down. The city says the owners property have previously been cited with more than 250 municipal code violations. Victor Turner, assistant director of housing for Little Rock says some issues have been resolved, but not enough to bring the apartments up to compliance with housing codes. "They've been in and out of court for about a year. Some of the violations include, electrical, plumbing, structural issues, foundation, standing water," Turner said. The grounds manager for the complex, Mark Greene, would not give the owners name. They're based out of Houston, Texas. Green says they've tried to comply with the city's requests. "I think it's a personal issue with the owners. Because I know that ever since i've been working here, it's always something with the city. Every time they say do this, we do it, but they always find something else. Anything they ask us to do, we go to court and everything," Greene said. But some residents say they're concerned they have to move out on such a short notice. "Bad thing about that is they gave almost 7 days, other thing is, it's the weekend, other thing is, it's a holiday and to top it all off, it's going to rain this weekend, i'm like ok, we're doing good. So I don't have no choice. I have to move," said Simone Myles, a 9 month resident of the complex. A spokesperson for the city says they'll be at the complex Tuesday assisting residents on where they can go and how to receive help.