City workers continue battling icy roads in Little Rock

LITTLE ROCK (KATV) -- Some of the mainthoroughfares in Little Rock looked pretty clear Tuesday, but there are plentyof side streets covered in ice.

Seeing wheels spinning wasa common sight around Little Rock Tuesday, where even one public transit busslid off the road downtown. One everyday drive even ended up in an apartment.

These were just a few ofthe sights, and sounds around the capital city as neighbors braved slickstreets.

"I think the biggestchallenge with this one was the fact that it is ice. Ice is hard to plow unlesswe can get some type of break in the bond between the pavement and the ice; it'shard to get off the street," said Little Rock Public Works director MarkJacobi.

Jacobi said sincetemperatures around Little Rock stayed below freezing again for much of thesecond-consecutive day, that task has been more difficult than it may seem.

Tuesday public works tookthe approach of clearing major roads like Rodney Parham, Cantrell and Universityduring the morning, and focused on side streets and neighborhoods in theafternoon.

It's only using nine saltand sand trucks, but Jacobi said they're all getting a significant amount ofwork done.

"It always seems lowwhen we need it the most. We're considered a Sunbelt snow fighter, so a lot ofcities don't have near the equipment that we have. We try to do the best we canwith what we got," he added.

Public works also workedto emphasize shaded areas like downtown Little Rock where buildings block manyof the streets from sunlight.

More low temperaturesTuesday night enhance the chance for re-freezing, so the battle against the iceis expect to continue into Wednesday.