Commission votes to overturn violations against police officer

The Little Rock Civil Service Commission voted 4 to 1 to overturn the violations against once suspended police Lt. David Hudson. Hudson was suspended for 30 days after he was captured on video in 2011 while acting as off-duty security, punching a man on a sidewalk and arresting him. Hudson said restaurant patron Chris Erwin was unruly and refused to leave Ferneau's in Hillcrest. "any time a police officer hits someone on tape, it looks bad. There's no good way to present that," said Bill James, Hudson's defense attorney, "I think once you see the whole picture, you realize that what lieutenant Hudson did was within the force continuum and was authorized." Hudson also said he didn't believe he used excessive force to subdue Erwin, although the Little Rock Police Department later suspended him in 2012, saying the arrest "exceeded the force reasonable and necessary."

Another high profile police case goes before the board on July 25. James will go before board, representing Josh Hastings, who wants to get his job back.

Hastings was fired after he was charged with manslaughter for a 2012 shooting death of a teen during a routine call. His trial ended two times in a mistrial and the state recently chose not to retry Hastings.

"While it created publicity that could be seen as adverse to the department, at least in some people's eyes, there's no reason he should be without his job for that," James said.