Clean up begins in Roland and Paron, Governor tours storm damaged area

It's not just Faulkner and White Counties experiencing the effects of Sunday's tornado. Areas of western Pulaski County were hit hard and have been cleaning up today.Governor Mike Beebe visited the destruction there today, because he says he doesn't want that area, which saw so much devastation as well, to feel forgotten.{}{}All over western Pulaski County today...the long process of cleaning up begins.{}Near Roland, Edye Burrell says her home looks like its standing...but its un-livable. {}Asad fA sad but she's thankful her family is safe. {}Including her son, who was working in this workshop shortly before the storm, but left because of a stomach ache.She said, "I think god gave him that stomach ache to get him out of here so he wouldn't be in that shop."And just across the yard in all of the fallen trees, something she says should give all of the tornado survivors a little but of hope."Everything around it is gone, but the cross is still standing. {}You come out in this destruction and for so many people it's like all they can see is the destruction and I just felt like that was god going, there's so much more, there's so much more. And for me there's just hope in that.""One other thing, an American flag that's blown here. Edye: it blew here. Landed on the cross and fell off. It's not ours, it came from somewhere else.{>}Governor Beebe visited the sites like this neighborhood on Sommersett Drive, to lend support.Governor Beebe said, "Well we're out here today because we didn't want to leave Pulaski County out. These people suffered here, there were deaths here."The governor was also able to visit with several members of the Tittle family, who lost their father and two siblings.{}