Clinic To Open Saturdays For Injured Athletes During Football Season

High school football is ramping up across the state. Teams all over are playing in their first games of the season this week. As much as we love it, though, football is the nation's leading cause of school sports injuries.

Dr. Eric Gordon is an orthopedic surgeon who spends his time treating athletes who get hurt. He's part of a team of physicians at Arkansas Specialty Orthopedics who focus on sports medicine.

Dr. Gordon says "The clinic is staffed by fellowship trained sports medicine physicians, so you get a sports medicine physician seeing you not a trainer... They'll get your x-rays see what needs to happen."

Every Saturday morning during football season, Arkansas Specialty Orthopaedics will open a walk-in clinic... a place where kids can be treated soon after the injury. Dr. Gordon adds, "It's for football, obviously, but band members and cheerleaders get hurt as well. There are other sports going on as well...volleyball or whatever it is. All athletes are welcome. If people are hurt if there's a significant injury, we have the capability to put them on crutches, put them in a brace or even get an MRI if needed."

All the doctors in the clinic have extra training in sports medicine. Physical therapists also work with the surgeons to rebuild strength and mobility... offering athletes the absolute best chance of getting back in the game.

Dr. Gordon says, "If you're hurt, need to be seen need to be evaluated..come in we'll check you out."