Clinton National: Four out of five travelers are satisfied with the airport

Despite the fact that themagazine "Travel + Leisure" has listed the Little Rock airport as theworst in the nation - Clinton National announceda new passenger study found four out of five say they're satisfied with theairport.

The study conducted by Phoenix Marketing Internationalinterview 354 departing and arriving passengers during the week of November 4,2013.

Phoenix Marketing International is currently conductingresearch on more than 100 airports across the country and plans to release the combinedresults during 2014. Based on results so far, David Pluchino, vicepresident of Phoenix Marketing International, and his team said ClintonNational would fall in the middle of the pack, far from the worst.

The survey, however, found travelers wereleast satisfied with the retail, food and beverage choices during theirdeparture. Only 50 percent of business travelers and 62 percent of leisuretravelers were satisfied with the retail. When it came to the food and beveragechoices at the airport, 60 percent of business travelers and 69 percent ofleisure travelers were satisfied.

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