UPDATE: Clinton helps unveil central Ark. health initiative

LITTLE ROCK (KATV) - Former President Bill Clinton spoke in Little Rock Thursday and released a blueprint for action aimed at making Arkansas a healthier state.

"I was, frankly, reluctant to get into it because turning around a culture is like turning around the Titanic before you hit the iceberg. And because it's sometimes hard to keep score, it's hard to know if you're making progress," Clinton said.

The blueprint plan, made up of many Arkansas organizations working together, highlights ways Arkansans can curb substance abuse, increase physical activity and healthy eating.

"I love fried deer steak and mashed potatoes and gravy and black eyed peas and cornbread and a little pecan pie for dessert," said Jayme Mayo, the wellness director for Nabholz Construction. "I get it, I was raised here. But I think culture is one of the biggest challenges."

Nabholz Construction says they've saved hundreds of thousands of dollars focusing on health for their employees and they're training other small businesses to do the same.

"One hundred percent of my company gets screened. And I would say health is infectious. It's infectious," Mayo said.

Clinton said more companies focusing on health for employees are crucial.

"If you could find someone like you in every company that's already doing something like what you're trying to do; who were willing to go out to all these other communities," Clinton said.