Close friend blames family for 107-year-old man's wild behavior

PINE BLUFF (KATV) -- The Pine Bluff Police Department said Monday it's turning the investigation, into an officer-involved shooting that left a 107-year-old man dead, over to the prosecuting attorney's office.

Monday Channel Seven talked to the person who made the 911 call Saturday in fear of a 107-year-old man with a gun, she tells me his own family caused the situation to turn dangerous.

"We took him in our home for Thanksgiving, he's just been family, and it's just broken my heart," said Laurie Barlow of Lonoke.

Barlow said Saturday was supposed to be an exciting day. Her family just finished renovating a house for Monroe Isadore, 107, to move into a new environment he was ready for.

Then, Barlow said he daughter showed up.

"He got scared, said she was abusing him," Barlow added. "She was not supposed to come by Saturday. She found out where we had him going, she wasn't supposed to know, and she showed up there."

Barlow said the fear of Isadore's own family pushed him to grab a hand gun he bought about a month earlier, and point it at several of them. When police entered the home later, he fired multiple shots at them, before they returned fire killing Isadore.

"I mean it's a 107-year-old man and he couldn't have, I know he had a gun and they had to do what they had to do, but Monroe (Isadore) was just scared," Barlow said about the man she called a preacher at times.

During the standoff, Barlow said she told the negotiator and SWAT unit that Isadore was nearly deaf, and had bad vision. Tactics like gas and distraction devices were still used to try a peaceful result.

"And when he pulled the gun up, he didn't know who I was, he couldn't see. He couldn't see and he had the lights off in the bedroom," she added.

There's a large interest not only nationally, but even internationally about this story. However, there's an even larger focus right here in Pine Bluff.

A town hall Q&A meeting was set for 5:30 pm Monday with a lot of the interest on the Isadore shooting case.