Closed adoption agency sued by Attorney General

Jennifer Duran, Adoption Advantage client

LITTLE ROCK (KATV) - The former co-director of a Little Rock adoption agency is in hot water after allegedly taking people's money but failing to connect them with kids.

Jennifer Duran's road to motherhood was rocky. Her first adoption attempt started with joy but is ending in court.

"It was very disheartening and very sad and very depressing," said Duran.

The attorney general's office has brought a deceptive practice lawsuit against former Little Rock adoption agency Adoption Advantage. They're accused of defrauding the Duran's and dozens of other families.

"It was very scary because we had been hoping and praying that this would be how we'd have a child."

Around 50 families lodged complaints against Adoption Advantage's owner Ed Webb at a Department of Human Services hearing back in 2009. The company's owner Ed Webb agreed to give up his adoption license at the time but now, investigators can't track him down and think he may have moved overseas.

While the agency was closed, Webb's ex-wife and former agency co-director Donna Gain Hight never lost her adoption license and has remained a practicing adoption agent to this day. If the lawsuit is successful, Hight may have to pay thousands of dollars in fines and lose her adoption license.

Hight's attorney said that would be an unjust conclusion because Hight didn't know that her old spouse was a scammer, and claims she isn't culpable because she never had any intent to defraud or deceive anyone.

The prosecution rested Wednesday. The defense will present their argument Thursday.