Club says new liquor laws will hurt business

JACKSONVILLE - (KATV) A new Jacksonville city ordinance has one club claiming it will ruin their business. A city ordinance, that was voted on in April and went into effect on Tuesday, had made alcohol sales between 2 a.m. and 10 a.m. illegal in the City of Jacksonville. Only a handful of clubs in Jacksonville used to offer alcohol after 2:00 AM, but the Sensations strip club on John Harden Drive still does. They presented their case in front of Pulaski County Circuit Judge Chris Piazza on Monday claiming this new rule could ruin their business. Darren Gambill, manager of Sensations, told Judge Piazza they never knew about the city's measure to eliminate alcohol sales after 2:00 AM and claimed that any accusations about recent criminal activity at the club are not true. Gambill told KATV the club makes most of their money between the hours of two and five in the morning. He estimates the club costs $6,000 a week to operate and believes he could lose $5,000 now that his strip close has a last call before two in the morning. Piazza refused to stop enforcement of the new alcohol ordinance. Jacksonville Mayor Gary Fletcher said nothing good happens after two in the morning, claiming the accusations of higher criminal activity around Sensations are true. "When I'm having to send several officer to an incident, I'm pulling them out of the neighborhoods", Said Fletcher, "That makes those areas more susceptible to crime." In 2005, Sensations made headlines across the county when three dancers and two club workers were arrested after a customer complained that one of the dancers had spanked him so badly he suffered serious bruising.