Coach Bielema's Cousin Ecstatic About New Hire

At the press conference introducing Coach Bielema to Arkansas, the new Coach made note that it was not his first time wearing hog gear thanks to a special group of Razorback fans.

"I actually grew up in Illinois, but my favorite aunt and uncle lived in Little Rock. My favorite cousins. We only got to see them once or twice a year because they'd come for thanksgiving or the holidays," said Bielema. "They used to bring us some Arkansas gear. I couldn't even tell you where Arkansas was when I was 8, but I was wearing that hat."

Kirsten Wilson, one of Beilema's cousins from Arkansas, spoke to KATV Wednesday night.

Wilson grew up mostly in Little Rock, went to Fayetteville High School, and graduated from the U of A in 1994.

Her mom, who still lives in Little Rock, and Coach B's dad are siblings. And no one may be more excited about this hire than this family.

"I think it's fabulous because he's a great guy," said Wilson. "And I think it's exactly what Arkansas needs. He's perfect. He's passionate about what he does. He is a player's coach. He's passionate about the players. Me being a school teacher I'm always concerned about the kids and he takes care of his kids, which are his players."

Wilson says as children, Bielema used to tease her about her southern accent so she'll be waiting for any sign of southern drawl from him, to return the favor.