Sully Says: Coach Bielema is a grinder

Bret Bielema is a self confessed "grinder."

Wednesday was a good example. Coach B's day started early Wednesday morning with meetings and ended with his first coaches show at the Catfish Hole.

13 or 14 hours of grinding

The day included a trip to Little Rock. {}Coach arrived at 9:30 and headed directly to War Memorial Stadium. He and his advance team got a good look at their home away from home before heading to the Downtown Marriott for the kickoff of season number 10 for the Little Rock Touchdown Club.

More grinding

Ten minutes with me for our KATV/IMG pre-season special, that was followed by 15 minutes with several members of the media and then it was down the hall to spend 15 minutes on the radio with Justin Acri and Wally Hall. {}Coach was like a pinball, bouncing from one appearance to another.{}

The grinding continues

It's ten minutes before the Touchdown Club meeting and Coach Bielema is shaking more hands than a politician on the eve of an election. {}He sat through 38 minutes of TD Club pre-game before delivering what he called his final speech of the pre-season.

27 Minutes and 20 seconds

He was passionate, funny and honest.

"Now, I know this team, I know when they need a day off. {}I know when they need a kick in the butt, {}I know what they need, but the one thing I don't know is what's gonna happen on game day." Bielema said.

More grinding

Coach B. got back to Fayetteville just in time for the afternoon workout. {}He went straight from the practice field to his radio show.

A day of grinding: the Bret Bielama way

If you would like to see Coach Bielema's speech in it's entirety go to{}and click on sports.