"Coats for Kids" donations pour in by the hundreds, shatter last year's record

LITTLE ROCK (KATV) - Channel 7's "Coats for Kids" drive wrapped up December 6th but hundreds of donations continue to pour in to local Hangers Cleaners locations.

After a Channel 7 story aired a story in November asking for donations, the response was so overwhelming that it shattered last year's collection record.

"Coming in and seeing this, it's heart warming," said Andre Prater, a father who was looking for coats for his young daughters.

Donors came out by the hundreds for people like Prater.

"Unbelievable," said Scott Hailey, general manager for Hangers Cleaners' Little Rock plant. "Channel 7 puts the word out. We had phone calls the very next morning of people that wanted to participate."

And those phone calls haven't stopped even though the coat drive ended over a week ago. Coats continue to pour in by the dozens. And Hangers Cleaners continues to drop them off at The Watershed by the hundreds.

Volunteer, Opal McCoy, can barely keep up.

"I'm having to work with it and it's tiring. But it's still good," she said.

McCoy is understandably tired.

"It's a lot," she said. But for a good reason. "We have enough coats, I think, to serve the whole community."

That alone makes for a very warm and merry Christmas.

Hangers has collected 6,000 coats so far, nearly 1,500 more than last year, with more donations expected.