Cobbs has plenty of company

LITTLE ROCK (KATV) -Last year the state intercepted the tax return refunds of parents who owe child support and collected almost $20 million dollars.Unfortunately, that's a small percentage of what Arkansas kids are owed. Here's a question for you: how many non-custodial parents in Arkansas currently owe over $10,000.00 in child support? The answer: 24,642. This week we learned the identity of one of them. The state of Arkansas alleges that former Arkansas Razorback football player Cedric Cobbs owes over $10,000.00 in child support."We don't pick and choose basically who gets put in jail," says Dan McDonald, Administrator of Arkansas' Office of Child Support Enforcement. "Basically the process itself really determines that."McDonald heads up an office that oversees over 100,000 child support cases in Arkansas.If you miss one or two child support payments, you'll get a letter. Miss three or four and you may lose a license.In 2013...6,706 drivers licenses were suspended. Add that to 1,559 hunting and fishing licenses, 819 license plates and 754 other professional licenses. "If it goes further than that...the state law right now says that if you owe over $10,000.00 and you haven't made a payment in over six months that we refer that to the prosecuting attorney," says McDonald. Right now in Faulkner county there are 14 people jailed for failing to pay child support: six black men, five white men and three white women. "Non-payment of child support and failure to support a child is a criminal matter," says McDonald. "And can be if you owe over $2,500.00. Some of that needs to be publicized so people are aware...those obligators are aware...this is a serious matter."McDonald says jail is always the last resort. Nobody can pay child support from a cell. Why do some get jailed and others don't? McDonald says the different personalities of judges, prosecutors and case workers have a lot to do with it. Air date: August 27th, 2014