Collision centers, insurance companies swamped from storm damage

Now that the lights are back on for most Arkansans following last week's winter storm, they're noticing a lot of damage.

An insurance agent told his group is seeing a jump around 20 times the number of claims in just the past week, much of this damage from trees.

Trees aren't supposed to be planted in your cars, nor on your house, but around central Arkansas too much wood found its way on top of vehicles.

"The number of trees that fell, and branches that fell have just been really unprecedented," said Larry Golden at Golden Collision Center. "We really haven't had that kind of damage (before). We've got more damage from tree than from car wrecks."

This assessed damage is bringing in hundreds and hundreds of claims to insurance companies, and they're just trying to stay caught up.

"A lot of trees falling on property, roof damage, things of that sort. That's pretty much the typical thing we're seeing right now," said Luke Underwood with Stevens-Dell & Associates.

Trees weren't only responsible for physical damage, but also caused the power to go out for days in Arkansas. Underwood told us you may be able to make a claim on things you lost in the fridge.

"Sometimes there will be a provision in there for refrigerated products. That's if the power goes out, your food and what not in the fridge or freezer," he added.

"There may be some coverage for that stuff, it depends on your coverage, company and your policy."

It varies on just how many places actually cover spoiled food, but may be included in your home owner's insurance.

You wouldn't necessarily need receipts of purchase but that your agent will most likely check that power was out and need a list of things you lost.

Collision center were amazed at the number of cars brought it. Golden Collision mentioned they're doing three to four times the number of vehicles they normally have just from car accidents.