Community activist calling on people to help police solve recent string of LR blazes

LITTLE ROCK (KATV) - There have been several places in the city that have seen fires in recent weeks. Officials don't have reason to believe these recent incidents are related. But community activist, Rev. Benny Johnson, says it's still too many to ignore.

"There is definitely something going on and it's scary not knowing who or what or when," said Clarissa Brandau, a resident at Forrest Place in Little Rock.

It's a sense of uneasiness that many people are feeling after the recent string of blazes in Little Rock, especially Forrest Place. It has seen seven fires since February. Officials say someone is intentionally setting them.

"We are leaving," said Brandau. "There's a lot of unanswered questions, a lot of things that aren't being mentioned."

But this isn't the only place firefighters have visited in the past few weeks. The city has seen three fire-related deaths. Police say there's no evidence suggesting they're related. Community activist, Rev. Benny Johnson, says it's still cause for serious concern and it requires the public's assistance.

"We're asking you to do the right thing because the next person that could lose their lives could be your brother, your sister or one of your own family members," he said.

As for Brandau, she strongly believes catching the arsonist behind these apartment fires is the only way to stop him or her before it's too late.

"I think he started something here that he's not done with and he's not going to be done until they find him," she said.

Police insist there is no reason to believe these fires are related to one another. However, they are not ruling that out. All of these incidents are currently under investigation. Stay with channel 7 for the latest on these developing stories.