Community leaders start campaign to combat bullying against Latinos

LITTLE ROCK (KATV) - Little Rock Latinos fed up with what they say is their kids being bullied at school, are ready to fight back. After reports of Hispanic students being picked on in the Little Rock School District, parents and community members started a campaign in search of a solution.

"Bullying is a problem in every school and I think they have a problem with bullying," said Montserrat Flores, one of the leaders of the campaign.

It's an issue the Hispanic community says they've been trying to call attention to for several months now.

"You expect when something reported time and again you want to see the leaders the administration the school district or the principles at the different schools would take some kind of affirmative action," said Julian Calzada, Vice President of UALR's League of United Latin American Citizens.

Several leaders in the Latino community have started a campaign with the goal of addressing what they consider a growing problem in Little Rock schools.

"You can't learn in an environment where you walking in the hallway to your next classroom you're going to have three or four guys who've been picking on you for the last three or four months picking on you again it's kind of hard to study that way," said Calzada.

Although Flores is not a parent she says she standing up for those, who because of language barriers, that cant speak for themselves.

"Some of them are a little afraid to talk and so they just they don't do anything and they issue get ignored and so we can't solve something if they don't talk," said Flores.

Flores is hoping to work with the Little Rock School District to come up with a solution together.

"I think that respect and equality and just being a human being makes us being equal," said Flores.

If you would like more information on this initiative e-mail Montserrat Flores at