Concealed-carry permit privacy bill will become law

LITTLE ROCK (KATV) - Gov. Mike Beebe announced Thursday that he would not veto a bill making secret all personal information of concealed-carry permit holders.

Beebe said in a press release that he would neither sign nor veto Senate Bill 131. The State constitution mandates that if the governor does not act one way or the other "within five days, Sundays excepted," the bill becomes law by default.

In 2009, alegislative compromise was reached that bolstered the privacy of permit holderswhile still preserving the public's right to access information. Governor Beebe saw no need to further restrict information and opposedthe bill. However,with overwhelming support in both houses and no constitutional concerns aboutthe bill, he decided to let the bill go into law without his signature.

The bill will officially become law next Monday when the constitutionally-mandated five day window ends.