Concerned citizens gathering signatures to vote on Pine Bluff nightclub hours

PINE BLUFF (KATV)--1,800 signatures will have to be gathered if voters want a shot at deciding how long Pine Bluff nightclubs stay open.

Earlier today, concerned citizens were in front of the Pine Bluff City Hall building collecting signatures.

Two weeks ago exactly, city council had struck down an ordinance that would have put hours of operation of nightclubs up for a vote.

However, that vote isn't discouraging some from trying to still get that question on the ballot. Concerned residents and community leaders have officially kicked-off their petition to give the voters of Pine Bluff a chance to choose nightclub operating hours.

"I don't care if you're against the proposal or for the proposal, it's your right to make your voice heard," said concerned resident, Marty Guajardo.

"We are outraged over the fact that they have tried to deliberately block our vote as citizens, and as their employers," said concerned citizen, Dr. Joanna P. Edwards. "They're trying to block our vote so that we won't have a voice on this issue," she added.

Shortly after the city council vote, this group met with the election commission and was given approval to gather at least 1,800 signatures in the next 120 days for the question to be put on the November ballot.

"If you're for it or against it, sign the petition and make your voice heard on the November ballot," added Guarjardo.

"The citizens of Pine Bluff are tired of it, we have decided to rise up and take our city back and we're going to start with the ballot," said Edwards.

Guajardo said they plan to gather 3,000 signatures. By next week they'll start going door to door.