Concierge team helping patients at St Vincent

A few months ago, St. Vincent decided to add a new service for its patients.

Just like in a hotel, a concierge team is on site to make sure patients have everything they need.

They're some of the first faces you see when you walk through the doors of St. Vincent.

The Hospital Concierge Team, added in May, welcomes patients and helps them with anything they need.

"Health care facilities can be difficult to navigate, to find your way around and so as we implemented this program, the response has been very positive," said Chad Aduddell, President of St. Vincent.

The staff members help visitors find the right department on campus, ensuring patients get to their appointments on time. And, even in emergency situations, the concierge team can help ease concerns for family members who are waiting for answers.

"The guest services person is able to go communicate with nurses, with techs, with physicians and give an update, and be able to go back out into the waiting areas and communicate with family members," said Aduddell.

After doing this for only a few months, this special team has already made a difference helping patients in ways they didn't even expect.

"We had one patient come in from a long way off... two hour drive...oxygen, by the time she made it to the front door her oxygen had run totally out. She needed oxygen, she was weak," said Carl Bright.

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