Contractor Arrested


He took money from an 89 year-old widow and lacked the skills and intent to build what she wanted...a home to live out her days in.

And prosecutors have decided that for his actions, this contractor deserves to face a felony charge.

89 year-old Gretchen Madison remains hopeful that she will be able to live on a piece of land in North Little Rock that her family has owned for half a century.

But if she does, it won't be in the home built by Marcus Dupree.

Gretchen Madison paid $57,000 for a home that inspectors have determined is uninhabitable.

The electrical system and flooring is incomplete, there is no plumbing, no air conditioning, no appliances, and numerous code violations.

"The contractor says this one will have to be torn down and start all over," says Madison. "That it would be cheaper to tear it down and start all over than it would to try and bring it up to code."

The job is so bad that the contractor, Marcus Dupree of Jacksonville, has been arrested and charged with felony theft.

Shortly after his arrest Dupree bonded out of jail. He will be due in court for plea and arraignment November 5th.

Dupree was asked prior to booking if he had anything to say to Ms. Madison.

"I hope she gets karma," said a handcuffed Dupree. "That's all I can say."

"All I want is for him to do what is right," says Madison. "That's all I've ever wanted. And he said last night he hoped that I got my karma...on TV. And I said well let it happen. All I've ever done is try to be good to people. In my whole life. And I'm not pinning any roses on me but I'm just speaking the truth."

How Dupree got his contractor's license in the first place is still being looked at by the Contractor's Licensing Board.

Another hearing will be held on October 23rd.

Air date: October 3rd, 2013