Contractor Contradicts Homeowner

The search for a contractor was a short one.

We told you Wednesday about an unfinished construction project and the heartache it is causing one Jefferson County family.

On Thursday we got to visit with the contractor in question.

We found Gary Moffett at his home in Brinkley thanks to tips from several of our viewers.


No one came to the front door when we least not right away.

We wanted to ask Moffett about a job he left extra room being added to a White Hall home to help a family better care for an aging, ailing loved one.

Shirley Spears says she paid every penny of the more than $15,000 dollars she saved up and agreed to pay for a complete job...but that Gary Moffett...helped by his two brothers Larry and Jerry...left behind a half-finished project.

"And then when I tried to talk to Gary he come up with all this religious malarkey...the good Lord is gonna take care of it and he's gonna get retired...uh, disability...and he's gonna pay every penny of it back when he get his check coming in," Spears told us.

"She said that you...were going to go on disability and that you were expecting some money and you were going to pay her back about $5,000."

"I never said that," says Moffett.

"You didn't?"

"No sir," answered Moffett.

Eventually Gary Moffett did come out of his home and told us he believes he was paid about $7,500 dollars...half the money...which is why he only did half the job.

"She was just hard to get along with and I left," explained Moffett.

"OK. If she can prove that she paid you what she said she paid you is that going to change your story?"

"Yes sir," answered Moffett.

"You don't think she can prove it."

"I know so," said Moffett. "Because I didn't get it."

Or because Spears says she paid Moffett in cash, at his request. That means Spears really can't prove how much Moffett was paper trail, no receipts.

Moffett says he is sorry there is a big misunderstanding.

Spears says she is sorry she ever met Moffett.

Air date: January 17th, 2013