Convicted criminals attend meeting to curb violence

PINE BLUFF (KATV) -{}A unique approach to cutting down on crime in Pine Bluff... several convicted criminals, who have already served their time, invited to a meeting{}Thursday night actually show up.

Four out of six that were invited met with a new Violent Crimes Task Force.

Members of the panel had stern words for the four men saying Pine Bluff is sick of the crime and will take strict measures to combat it.

Candidates in the program are told what will happen if they commit another crime.

"What got you here is the violent offenses that you committed stop doing that. And we won't have any further problems. In addition to that we have offered you assistance. Take advantage of it. We're offering it to you."

Candidates were chosen based on violent criminal history, at least one arrest with a firearm, over the age of 18, and currently on probation or parole.