Conway 4-year-old burned, mother arrested

CONWAY (KATV) - A 23-year-old mother was arrested Wednesday for allegedly burning her 4-year-old son December 20.

Marsha Nacole Oliver said she put the boy and his 3-year-old sibling in a bathtub of running water but realized she needed to get clothes for the children. She said she took the kids out of the tub and the water was at a normal temperature at the time but about five minutes later, she heard the 4-year-old scream.

When she got back to the bathroom, he was in the water and it was hot so she applied Gold Bond powder to his peeling skin.

Detectives say Oliver's story changed several times and she didn't take him to the hospital for seven hours. Doctors said he suffered second degree burns over 12 percent of his body and one of his eyes was black and swollen. They said they also found old scars including healed burns, bite marks and bruising on his face.

All four of Oliver's children were taken into Department of Human Services custody and she was charged with felony first degree battery. Oliver is being held in the Faulkner County jail.