Conway couple reunites man with his 1967 high school class ring

A couple in Conway successfully tracked down a man to return his high school class ring more than 40 years after graduating high school.

Joe Keary was finally reunited with his Subiaco Academy high school class ring on Tuesday.

Brooks Smith inherited the ring from his father after he passed away. Smith was not for sure how his father ended up with the ring.{}He{}said his father intended to search for the original owner to return the ring.

Smith{}and his wife Melissa made it their summer goal to find the owner of the ring. The only clue they had was his initials inscribed on the inside of the ring.

"I used a little bit of everything," said Smith. "I looked at the alumni directory on Subiaco's web page and then Iused Google.{}I even called information and got three different numbers."

Keary thinks he lost the ring between 1967 and 1970 but he is still not sure how he lost it.