Conway Police may have your stolen property

CONWAY (CPD) - If you live in the Smoking Oaks area of Conway and had your car or garage broken into between June 17 and 18th Conway Police may have property that belongs to you. The property includes tennis rackets, jumper cables, phone charges, tools and more.

Officers found the stolen property when they stopped Cody Tygart and questioned him after getting calls about a reckless driver on highway 65 June 18th, 2013. While speaking with Tygart an officer noticed tools and a large number of other items throughout the car and became suspicious. After consulting with other officers he learned that Tygart and his car fit the description of the person and vehicle involved in several car break-ins in the Smoking Oaks area. Upon further questioning, Tygart admitted that broke into cars and stole the items, he was arrested.

Some of the items have been returned to the owners but detectives are having trouble identifying the owners of the remainder of the property. If live in the affected area and have been a victim of a break-in you can call the Conway Police Department to check to see if some of this property belongs to you. You may not even know you have items missing, so if you live in the area it's also advisable that you check to see if you are missing any items from your car or garage. You can contact the Detective Division at 501-450-6130.