Conway Police turn to social media to find child's mom

Found Boy

CONWAY (KATV) A child found wandering in a Conway neighborhood Monday morning, has been reunited with his family. The four-year-old was on a busy street, when a man spotted him and called police.

The search for his guardians lasted about 2-hours and they reportedly did not know he was missing.

Latresha Woodruff is with the Conway Police Department. She says, "The boy was wearing a t-shirt, pajama bottoms and house shoes. He was not able to tell us his name or where he lived."

An officer took a picture of the boy and the department tweeted it. Within minutes, tips started coming in. While officers where fielding calls at the department, police in the neighborhood walked up to a house with an open front door.

Latresha says, "They knocked and started talking to the person and learned that the boy had spent the night. It is his aunt and uncles house and he wandered out while they were asleep."

Christie Dewitt is a neighbor. She says, "It was very scary for a child to be missing and nobody knows about it." Dewitt lives on Joyner, the street the boy was staying on. It is 4 blocks from where he was found.

Dewitt has seen the child in the neighborhood and understands. She watches her 2-year old grandson, Marcuz, everyday. Looking at him, Dewitt adds, "He got good at opening the garage door so we have to keep it shut. We learned to always deadbolt the front door. He will run out in 2-seconds. The problem now is he can lock himself in a room."

Dewitt says she learned of the situation and told friends because the police department used social media. Latresha adds, "It speaks to the power of social media. We got a lead and followed it until we contact the mom. It was a very good lead."

By the time the child was reunited with his aunt and uncle, his mom pulled up to the house.

Following protocol, the Conway Police Department reported the incident to the State Police child abuse hotline. No charges have been filed.