Conway Public Schools "retweaking" already rezoned schools

CONWAY (KATV) - Some students in Conway Public Schools may be switching schools next year.{} Administrators plan to tweak elementary and middle school zoning, despite having rezoned the whole district just a few years ago.

Over the last decade enrollment at Conway schools increased by almost 2,000 students; it's the reason the district built a new elementary school.{} Now growth is affecting the district again, but it has to do with population shifts within the city.

"It has to do with isolated growth in particular schools," said Dr. Greg Murry, superintendent of Conway Public Schools.

Growth was unexpected at schools like Ellen Smith Elementary, Marguerite Vann Elementary and Ida Burns Elementary schools.{} Murry said those schools are running out of space.

"Because we see some potential issues with Marguerite Vann and Ellen Smith, in terms of capacity, we're just trying to shift some kids away from there so that we don't have a larger problem next year," said Murry.

Ellen Smith currently has 521 students enrolled, Marguerite Vann has 530 and there's 480 kids attending Ida Burns Elementary.{} The plan is to move some children from Ellen Smith to Carolyn Lewis Elementary, from Marguerite Vann to Florence Mattison and from Ida Burns to Julia Lee Moore Elementary.

"But I think it's important to note this," said Murry.{} "Theodore Jones students that are going to Theodore Jones right now will continue to go there."

That's the same situation for all other Conway elementary schools.{} Both Theodore Jones and Woodrow Cummins Elementary schools would remain untouched, and Carolyn Lewis, Florence Mattison and Julia Lee Moore Elementary schools will only gain students.{}

Middle schools will be effected somewhat - but only by the shifts made at the elementary schools that feed into them.{} The elementary schools that feed into Conway's four middle schools will remain the same

"What I've found in the past in doing these type of re-zonings here in this district and in other districts is that's it's more of a trauma for the parents than it is for the kids," commented Murry.

But Murry mentioned district administrators are more than willing to talk to concerned parents who have children that are moving.{}

If you are not sure if your child may have to move - go to the associated links tab above.{} There are links to both the current and proposed 2014-2015 zoning maps.