Salvation Army receives a 22K gold coin in Conway kettle

CONWAY (KATV)--It's not an everyday find; in fact some go a lifetime without ever seeing or getting their hands on a Krugerrand.

However, one Salvation Army bell ringer in Conway found the one ounce gold coin in his bucket.

This one gold coin is worth around $1300, and its worth will go a long way this year; as 300 Conway area families are in need this holiday season.

"Looked in, there was no doubt, it was turned up and said Krugerrand on it," said Salvation Army Captain David Robinson.

A 22-karat gold coin from the South African Mint known as a Krugerrand was starring back at Robinson.

"Just kind of a great experience, a great find, we thank whoever donated it, thank them very much," added Robinson.

It was Monday morning, when bell ringer Cecil Clements stood outside the Wal-Mart Super Center in Conway, when the Krugerrand was dropped in his Salvation Army red kettle.

"Kind of amazed me, I thought that's pretty neat, I'm glad whoever it was dropped it in a bucket, didn't have to be mine, anybody's would work," said Clements.

"We are so far behind because of the snow and the ice in our kettles, the whole staff was just kind of like... man we're falling far behind, then we got the Krugerrand and it was just kind of like a pick me up, like thank you there is hope," added Robinson.

Robinson said, he will be checking with gold exchange experts as well as individuals that have contacted him with bids.

He adds, this coin helps them get closer to their goal, as they're currently $19,000 off from where they should be right now. Last year, they raised $118,000 and they hope to again this year.