Conway school board revises minister visitation policy

The Conway School District approves a new visitation policy after being criticized for allowing ministers in the school. The revision will only give ministers access to students who have permission to listen to them.

"She told me that people come to the cafeteria and tell the kids funny stories and invite them to the meetings after school," said Diane Robinson, who as a daughter at a Conway middle school.

Robinson is one of the parents who helped launch a complaint regarding ministers visiting her daughter's middle school.

"There was a young man representing an organization in town who was roaming around the cafeteria speaking to kids, speaking to kids at will," said Robinson.

After several complaints the district voted tonight on a revised policy that would separate students who are allowed to listen to the ministers from those that aren't.

"This is a policy that's neutral and that when applied equally and fairly it solves the problems that were originally raised," said Jeff Mateer, Attorney at Liberty Institute.

But Robinson, a Christian herself, believes either way religion has no place in school.

"I think that religious education is a parent's responsibility and the church's responsibility," said Robinson.

But Mateer says not allowing religious leaders is also violating the constitution.

"The government cannot prefer religion over non-religion," said Mateer. "And also equally as important it cannot prefer non-religion over religion," he said.

But Robinson says ultimately it will come down to it's practicality.

"My concern is simply going to be with the implementation of that policy and how that policy is enforced," said Robinson.

Parents who launched this complaint say they'll wait and see if the policy is effective before any further action is taken.