UPDATE: Conway child identified, sitter arrested

(KATV) Conway - Monday morning, a Conwaymom got a call while at work that her two-year old was found walking down abusy street alone. It took the babysitter more than an hour and a half torealize he was missing, she has since been arrested.

The toddler was agood hands at the Conway Police Department but imagine his family's emotions seeinghis picture on a website asking for someone to come forward and identify him.

This is the picturethat went viral across Central Arkansas, taken by Latresha Woodruff at the ConwayPolice Department. She says, "People started coming to see him and he was veryfriendly and not scared, didn't cry."

Woodruff says thedepartment got a call that a child was walking near the intersection of 2ndand Hays. He wasn't far from home but almost got hit by a car. "Officersstarted going door to door in that area trying to figure out who this childbelongs to and how he came to be in the middle of the street."

As protocol officerscalled the Department of Human services (DHS) to pick up the boy, but notbefore grandma showed up to identify her grandbaby. "She showed me heridentification, but when he saw her, he ran over and started hugging her sothere was no doubt about who she was," Woodruff explained.

The two-year old wasin police custody for nearly two hours before they pinpointed his home. Woodruffsays when the sitter opened the door, she said she didn't have time to callpolice. "Because at that moment when she realized he was gone, officers knockedon her door."

21-year old Stacey Hugheywas arrested, charged with endangering the welfare of a minor. Woodruff adds, "Fromwhat we understand, she didn't deliberately let the child out, but he did getout under her watch."

When Channel Seven stoppedby the home, the two-year old's mom was packing her SUV with toys and clothes.In a hurry, all she said is she was terrified over what could have happened toher son.

Woodruff concludes, "Luckilyhe wasn't hit and he was alright. We got to visit with him for a little bit andnow he is back with his mom."

After a routineinterview with the child's mom, DHS let the 2 year old go home.

Both of StaceyHughey's small children were at the home. Hughey's family shares the apartmenthome with the boy and his mom. Hughey told police, the toddler usually comes toher when he wakes up, but Monday, he didn't.