Conway, UCA "buzzing" about .buzz

A new generation of internet domains is based right here in Arkansas.Tuesday, .buzz launched, and UCA students are being credited with making it is a TLD or Top Level Domain, which is the letters to the far right of a domain name like .com or .org.What looked like a typical college party on the lawn of the University of Central Arkansas' College of Business Tuesday was actually a launch party for .buzz.".buzz, I like to explain it, the easiest way is it's the young hip, fun cousin of .com," explained Bill Doshier, president of the dotStrategy company in Conway.Doshier partnered with UCA students to develop new ideas and market the domain."It's hard to get a new fun local .com name," Doshier added. "So .buzz offers people who are interested in starting a business or starting a blog or who are basically just trying to say what's happening with themselves, it gives them a chance to register a nice, new fresh, short domain name where they might not be able to find that in .com."Dan Fisher, director of the Innovation and Entrepreneurial program. said the students put together the creative marketing strategy for the new .buzz business."The best way to learn is by doing and it's real world," Fisher reasoned. "It has real consequences, they have to get things done on time, and they have to think of ideas that are going to make an impact and are tested in the real world."Those interested in registering for a .buzz domain can do it at a national registrar like