Summer drought affecting Halloween tradition

MAYFLOWER (KATV) - The summer may be long gone by now but the drought is still affecting farmers. The owners of a local corn maze say business is so slow that next year is not looking too good.

"Mother nature has not been good to us this year," said Pat Schaefers, owner of Schaefers Corn Maze.

Schaefers says it has been the slowest season she has had since she opened her corn maze seven years ago. The dry summer and now heavy rains have made business a lot slower.

"Now we have rain and it's caused. It's rained every weekend we've opened and that's really hit us because people don't want to come out in the rain and the fields get wet and the paths are wet and very slippery," said Schaefers.

The Schaefers remained hopeful through the summer and early fall but with the maze four feet shorter than normal it did not seem to do any good.

"We're like any other farmer we're optimistic we're going to have a good crop every year but sometimes it doesn't always work out that way," said Bob Schaefers.

And after opening a week late due to weather Pat Schaefers says business has to be better than normal to make up for their losses.

"It has to stand on its own I don't have any other source of income to do it, I have to make it," said Pat Schaefer.

The maze will be open this Thursday through Sunday and there is a small chance it will rain Thursday and Friday.