Could AR law be used in "prank" shooting death of LR 15-year-old?

LITTLE ROCK (KATV) - 15-year-old Adrian Broadway was remembered by her peers four days after she's shot to death after a prank took a tragic turn.

Broadway was shot in the head Saturday morning after she and friends egged a man's car.{}Tuesday{}the high school she attended played its first basketball game since the shooting and they made sure the cheerleader's spirit was present.

McClellan High School cheerleaders did their best to keep spirits high just days after tragically losing one of their cheer team members. But while they continue to honor their friend's memory a lot of questions are being raised about the legal issues surrounding the reason she was killed.

At first glance there's nothing out of the ordinary at McClellan High's game. The crowd is cheering, cheerleaders are chanting but you take a closer look and notice something's not right.

Plastered on the walls are pictures of their team member 15-year-old Adrian Broadway who was shot to death early Saturday morning. Her teammates wear bright, colorful socks to remember her.

"Today has just been a somber day for all grades for everybody involved," said Broadway's math teacher, Mandee Barrett.

But while her friends remember this energetic girl, many are asking what about the person is suspected of taking her life, Willie Noble. Are there any laws that protect him? After all his property was being vandalized.

"There must be some threat to life or severe threat to your physical well being," said Robert Steinbuch, a law professor at UALR.

Arkansas has what's called "Castle Doctrine" law giving homeowners the right to protect themselves on their property but outside of their home there must be a serious threat in order for them to use deadly force.

"There doesn't seem to be any threat to the defendant's life," said Steinbuch.{}"And if that turns out to be true, none of this Castle Doctrine, none of this self defense issue applies."

Many questions remain unanswered about what happened Saturday morning but one thing is certain.

"She was a really bright spirit and really a pleasure to be around," said{}Barrett.{}"She will be missed."

Noble is facing a charge of first degree murder among several others.